Sunday, 2 November 2008

Brain calming

The brain does be calming down I'm happy to report. Last night and the night before I did not awake with dread and fear at 2.00 a.m. and be unable to get back to sleep. You know what? Mantras don't work. I thought that once my mantra was learned and ready to be silently repeated (instinctively) the mind would cease racing. i know I'm always ready to advise other with racing minds how to stop it interfering with sleep or how a simple four syllable repetitious phrase might get your shoulders down from your ears and all the tension would leave you upper body. It is a great trick when typing, peeling potatoes or chopping onions. I won't include hand washing dishes because that is just so relaxing in itself.

Washing dishes, washing dishes, soothing,
satisying, grease removing
how I love to wash a dish.
Make it two, no make it three
aw the hell with it
bring 'em all on
spoons and knives and forks and pans
cleansed by my evahluvin' hands.

Hey, jingle memory alert:

Now hands that do dishes
can feel soft as your face
with mild green
Fairy Liquid.

I have to remind you all that Fairy Liquid is a registered trademark and is the property of a big old company somewhere out there in the detergent universe.

Nanowrimo started at midnight on the First of November 2008. I can't get on to the site to upload the beginnings of my 50,000 word novel. The servers must have melted. Every year the nanowrimo team tells you how they have it all worked out, better servers, getting us to log in well in advance and check our settings, see the new features so we don't keel over from user unfriendliness, blah, blah and then bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeach - I can't get on to upload the first tremulous words of the great Portrush Novel.

Give it another couple of days, so.

Good to be back.