Friday, 26 November 2010


It's official, we have snow. We saw it falling last night before settling down to watch Underworld Evolution
Later when I went out with the bins it had mostly gone from the hard surfaces. Hard to see in the dark. Later This morning when I took the dogs out for their first toilet the snow was still lying on the grass and the paths were icy. Other parts of the UK have had substantial falls. We can still move around but it is cold as in freezing. All the bodies of water have thin skins of ice at their margins. The dogs and I saw two swans had hauled themselves out of the water and were perched on a tree trunk lying partly on the bank and in the water. In the swimming pool I saw the little fish peering up at me through the ice.

Top 10 Tips for Memory Card Maintenance

Top 10 Tips for Memory Card Maintenance

Friday, 5 November 2010


We'll be heading off to Norfolk next weekend to take up a joint post as caretakers at a beautiful location in Norfolk. The house is mostly packed up already - that might be me being optimistic, I think Polly has other ideas.

We have to go out now and get more boxes.