Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Identity of strange bird

The strange bird I saw a couple of posts down turns out to be a jay.

I've never seen a Jay before. I don't think they hung around the seaside on the North Atlantic/Irish Sea where I grew up. Now if it had been a seagull or a shag or something like that I would have called out immediately: Shag! Gull! Gannet! Come quickly and see them perching (awkwardly with their webbed feet) on the grid over the garden pond attempting to feast on the tadpoles and froglets.

On television last night we watched a programme that followed the adventures of two men from Leeds who bought a croft in Harris and turned it into an unusual camp site. The name of the quirky camp-site is Lickisto. Enter into your favourite search engine and you'll find it.

Very unusual and inventive pair. If you ever get to see the program you can see one of them earning their living expenses from a hairdressing salon and the other thatching the byres in the traditional island way - with heather.

I might look up the name of the programme for you later. It will probably be showing on a channel near you.

This is the info direct from a popular tv guide the information doubtless is copyright:

Build a New Life: Was It Worth It?

Tuesday 06 July
8:00pm -


Property and lifestyle series. Charlie Luxton returns to the Scottish island of Harris to catch up with Harvey and John, who had an ambitious plan to turn a run-down croft into a campsite, only to see legal wrangles threaten the entire venture. How have the couple fared?