Friday, 18 June 2010

Strange bird

We both saw an unusual bird in the garden of our current temporary domicile. The image is fading already.

Roughly top to bottom - there is a language convention associated with parts of a bird but I don't know what it is - strong short beak; small white tuft on head; green stripe on body; white dot or spot near its bottom.

Memory decay is now present. I don't remember the body colours. There was a blackbird beside the strange bird. it, the blackbird, was smaller.

Must get a film for the camera.


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Hugh Macmillan said...
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Hugh Macmillan said...

Possibly. It came back with a chum an hour later and I have recorded their body colours.

I also found a 'parts of a bird' glossary, so I can describe the thing in an intelligent manner to a twitcher - if I can spot one.