Sunday, 20 July 2008

An apology from the heart

Dear NZSA/PEN Otago/Southland Branch colleagues,

I have failed you.
Some of you, I know, depend on the weekly newsletter update, to keep in touch with life in something called the wider world. Forgive me.
The real correspondence secretary will contact you with the time and place of the ceremonial snapping of my Swan Fountain Pen (a family heirloom) to denote loss of status and face.

It will probably take place in the Octagon before the schools get out and the children invade the area below the Robert Burns statue to swap gossip and the latest chemicals for their Friday and Saturday nights out.

Believe me it is the last time I put my hand up for anything. For those of you who were not at the first meeting of the year - there were many absentees (you know who you are) - a question was asked: would anyone like to do backup, a Plan B, for the occasional time the correspondence secretary was absent or otherwise engaged?

Muggins here stuck up his shiny freshly washed paw thinking: I could do that!

When the time came to do it all circumstances had changed. Muggins had moved house, no longer had the same ISP and could not send the newsletter as a list due to restrictions on the size of his new internet mail provider.

Most of you, it would be fair to say in my defence, know nothing of your e-mail clients and their vagaries. Three of you cannot receive mail from my server. Is that my fault?

Oh, coffee's ready (to be continued)

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