Saturday, 5 July 2008


We have been packing to move house for the umpteenth time. Yesterday - Saturday - was meant to be day the movers came to shift us. Naturally it snowed. Just as well really as the mover's office hadn't passed on the peculiarities of our location to the two inappropriate men who turned up.

It's not just that we live on a hill on a badly maintained gravel road but the distance from our house to where they could park the truck is considerable. The men had not been given this information. Our concerns were probably treated as neurotic by the people in the office who never get out into the field to see conditions for themselves.

The older of the two, who was also the driver, sized up the situation pretty sharpish and we decided to abandon the project for the day. He said he would have to get a third man and try again on Sunday or Tuesday.

Today is a beautiful day. From my window I can see across to the harbour cone - the snow has gone. It looks like he wasn't able to organise a team of three. We cannot contact the office which advertises as being open seven days a week. We have left messages, called the contact numbers on the answer phone and can get no-one.

In an information rich society this is pretty rich.

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Vanda Symon said...

Ah, I wondered why you'd been MIA for a week - the dreaded packing. And yes, of course it snowed!

Wishing you and yours and your stuff a happy and intact shift...