Tuesday, 19 August 2008


I don't usually go out without my spectacles if I can help it. I got reading glasses 8 years ago because Polly got fed up with me complaining that solving the Times crossword had lost its sparkle as the print size had changed.

What a difference an artificial lens makes. I have been assured in my latest eye test that the prescription has barely changed since I started wearing them. However my own experience tends to suggest that I am more dependent on my specs than I care to admit. All print is a blur now and so are people's faces. Earlier this year I bought what I thought was a three DVD pack of Season 5 Part 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a clearance bin at The Warehouse, The Warehouse where everyone gets a bargain.

When I got home and with trembling hands (very fond of Buffy, I am) ripped Buffy from her pink, Warehouse bag, booted myself into spectacle mode I discovered I had bought a three video cassette pack. Tchah!

We don't possess a VCR. We have been watching DVDs on our PC since 2000 anno domini or common era if you're that way inclined. I held on to the cassettes thinking they would make a useful stocking filler for a Buffy fan who didn't watch DVDs.

Recently we moved house and discovered our housemate owns a VCR. Last night I found the cassettes after much swearing and ripping open of still sealed cardboard boxes with helpful things written on them like 'Linen and Other Stuff'.

Happy ending? Nah. One of the cassettes was the same as the first one. We are missing the set of episodes that begins with 'The Body" where Joyce Summers dies.

The final cassette is complete but we can't bring ourselves to watch it without seeing the missing episodes.

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