Sunday, 17 August 2008

Freezing darkness

Winter in Dunedin - and please, I love you Dunedin - is a big pile of freezing blackness. I love it. It keeps the kids off the streets. Yes, there are still places where children play on the streets. I must admit I was startled to see them when we first moved here. The novelty soon wore off when my eardrums reacted badly to the high pitched timbre of the child screech. Jeez it is a grater.

One other thing hasn't changed. The kids play around every other property save their own. Surely this is a universal.

I am freezing, I am going to the library via the bread shop (Brumby's) and the New World. In the library I am going to continue my research on post-modernism and drive people mad with the smell of new baked bread.

I used to be a library assistant and despite my natural libertarian impulses mainly involving freedom of information I have to restrain myself - now an ordinary user - from rapping noisy students over the knuckles with a metre stick, removing their skateboards, sticky drink cans and whatever else I deem inappropriate in a study environment.

How did we ever get to the moon and beyond?


Vanda Symon said...

Library etiquette seems to have gone out the window with the students these days.(That just made me sound old!)

I went to the University central library the other day and was happily working and only minorly grumbling at the noise when a couple came and sat next to me, continues their chatting, scrunched wrappers and ate food, txted, typed loudly...

I had to get up and leave before there was blood spilt.

Hugh Macmillan said...

Dear Vanda,
(That just made me sound old!)

No.It makes you sound like a grown up. It was the uni library I was talking about as well.

I tend to ignore noise and stuff in the public library although I'm not entirely comfortable with the situation.

In the public library, as you've probably noticed they've moved the problem of noisy brats up to the second floor. I liked the second floor and now it is a pain.