Sunday, 7 September 2008

Another week goes by

I'm sitting here wondering why I have missed an entire week at the blog interface. [pauses for thought - gives up and moves on to the next item.]
I was reminded of my blog when I met Diane at the country market on Saturday. Apparently someone found my reference in an earlier post to the course I and eleven other disciples completed last year with sifu Diane guiding our way. Just think - twelve more scribes pushing on the door of New Zealand literature.
The more writers the merrier I say.
During part of last week I decided to experiment with direct cable connections. The idea is to make a simple home network without recourse to hubs, routers or switches. I had an category 5e cable already and after some reading I discovered I could connect the cable directly to the ethernet ports on the laptop and the Desktop PC. I also found to my joy that I would be able to configure my PC to connect via the laptop's network interface card (nic). My poor PC has been sitting down here in my writing cellar unable to access the world wide web through internet access as it does not have a wireless card. Only one thing prevented me from setting up the physical and logical configuration straightway! That's right. Full marks to the man at the back. For a direct cable ethernet connection one needs a crossover cable. I was downcast. Not to worry. I went down to my local store where I bought my 4GB usb memory stick. He didn't have any crossover cables but when I told him I already had a straight through cable he said all I needed was an adaptor. Sacred blue! I didn't see that in my readings. Ecstasy short lived. When he went to fetch one they had all been sold.
I hiked back up the hill a broken man with promises of one on order for next week. Next week? I'm not a youngster I might be dead by next week. Home again and back on the net. I find that crossover adaptors might be purchased in a number of stores in Dunedin. Oh, well I can wait until the next day, if the Lord spares me I'll do a trawl of the usual suspects and if the worst comes to the worst I will buy a crossover cable brand new.
The very next day I discovered that the usual suspects carry plenty of cables but no adaptors. I am weakening but decide after a quick trip into the New World for a fix of Mars Bar to pop over to the Office Warehouse to see what they've got. Plenty of cables. I decide to ask someone. This by the way is the first time I have been in the Office Warehouse that someone hasn't landed on my shoulders asking if they can help me with anything. The young man I spoke to took me back to the same display that I had just been browsing, agreed that the Warehouse was not carrying the product I required, then, wait for it, told me where I could buy it and gave me directions. Now there's a customer help service for you.

I went where he suggested and I got my crossover cable adaptor for cat 5e.

The actual configuration tale between Win XP and Win 2000 can wait to be told - very long process. It didn't need to be, but it was. Oh dear me, yes it was.

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