Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Sore fingertips

I have been practising for my latest career kick-start. Polly borrowed a guitar for me from a young lady I haven't met - thanks Amanda. I left my guitar in Donegal on moving here. We thought that it would not be long before it was replaced by a brand spanking new narrow necked Yamaha or somesuch - sorry I'm a bit vague about that sort of thing. All I know is I have small hands and can't really play wide necked guitars. I can just mange a barre on a narrow neck but even there it is uncomfortable.

Six years later and no guitar until last week my fingertips are having diffs in holding down the steel strings. One of the tricks I was given years ago to toughen fingertips was to tap them lightly on the range. However, that won't work in our present accomodation as the main heat source is a gas fire.

But I'm getting there. I applied in person for my Dunedin City busking permit yesterday and I am valid for a year of supplying outdoor entertainment. A bit more practice with my three chord trick and I'm off down to The New World entrance. See you there ...

blue moon of Kentucky won't you keep on shining ...

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