Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Trip away

Spent some time re-reading, re-engaging, re-writing a poem I am not happy with. My overnight mind worked on the problem and when I woke it said leave it alone for today. Think of something else.

I mentioned yesterday I had been to the barber's. I forgot to mention I got way too much off the top and sides and now resemble Dumbo. You see while one is still a living breathing mortal person and prey to all the ills of earthly diseases and terrors one's ears continue to grow. Outsized ears are concrete proof of personal growth.

Hey! We are taking a trip on Friday. I may have mentioned before that I hadn't been outside of Dunedin for some considerable time and was over the moon when a day trip to Oamaru and the sacred cottage of Janet Frame in Eden Street. I have proof with this picture of Janet's family linoleum and my scuffed shoes.

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