Thursday, 2 October 2008

Cutting grass

What can I say? The lawnmower man is back.

The winner of the Katherine Mansfield Award for 2008 is Julian Novitz. Well done Julian.

The winning stories are usually downloadable from BNZ as Portable Document Files but it seems I am too hasty looking for them today. The BNZ site has had a makeover. I have been reading about the pitfalls of website makeovers recently. It seems that particular task is very attractive to clients, in this case BNZ, but is of no benefit in terms of user satisfaction to the BNZ's clients/users. If anything it makes site users uneasy especially if the change is sudden and done without their prior knowledge.

Dunedin City Council has upgraded their site recently. Currently it is live. I haven't checked all the things I used to do on that site recently but rest assured I will and report back some time.

I'm cutting grass today. Remember? I can't do everything.

If that seems a tad acidic you all have a nice day now.

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