Monday, 13 October 2008

Missing blog post

Oh wow. I am in shock. I use the ScribeFire extension - mostly - for a quick stream of consciousness flow and then post and then and then and then (oh what next, Hughie?) I publish to my blog and then read then edit with the blog's own editor. I like this system and it is in keeping with 'more than one way to do something' - I think that is a perl mantra - there's more than one way to do that in perl'.

I was peering at my blog just the other day when I thought to myself: 'There's a post missing'
Then I thought: 'Nah, there's nothing wrong with your memory, man. Bright as a button for your age. (Over 14)'

I fired up my ScribeFire extension which I seem to remember updating a couple of days ago, incorrectly as it turns out, and discovered two instances of the 'missing' post which I did write. Ominously there were no references on the scribefire interface to my blog and the first-run wizard appeared to ask me if wanted to set up a blog account.

I have two blogs so I dutifully re-entered my personal details. On one blog, after logging in, I discovered the missing post. Some memory, eh?

I must pop over to the ScribeFire site and see if that was a buggy update (it wasn't - so sorry ScribeFire). To lose one blog is sad, to lose two is downright carelessness.

Lately I am tired. I went down to Uni this morning with the missus and we saw posters advertising Helen Clark on the campaign trail. I haven't seen helen in the flesh but when one of Polly's student chums who was forming part of the welcome committee told us she had been delayed by an hour with fog at the airport I just had to go home. Oh well.

In  the absence of a decent anarchist party I urge you and every New Zealander of voting age to vote Labour.

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