Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Catching up

Yesterday - Monday 6th (sixth) October I visited my old classroom on the 6th (sixth) floor of Radio House in beautiful downtown Dunedin. The mission was to attend a talk from writer Vivienne Plumb who is in town with her play The Cape. The talk was made interesting by the reading of her own work. Her talk was brief so she was spared the awful questions that visiting writers get asked:

Are ye makin' any money?

Where do you get your ideas from?

I have a great idea for a story. Will you write it up and we can split the profits?

I've bought all of your books and read them over and over again as I have no life of my own.

Is it true there are only [insert whatever number here you have seen on the web] plots in the entire world?

I was hoping that some of chums from the creative writing class of 2007 would be there and - hooray - two of them appeared. Marion and Morag. It was great talking to you both after the presentation.

Our guide, Diane, has had her next creative writing course approved and was excited by the news as indeed was I. At this stage it has not been given funding and so it has one more fence to leap before her eager students can sign up.

This is a level six paper and will guide the creative writing student towards publication. A sizeable body of work would already need to be in existence I had better get writing!

Better get writing, better get writing, better get ... this is the whole point of the thing for me. I have a hard drive littered with scraps of text and no cohesion. Maybe I could just join them up in a big free wheeling lump of text and pass it off as the literary sensation of the year.

Now that I have the laptop talking to the PC Desktop I can start stitching and then when February comes I wil have a BIG lump of wordiness to whittle and sharpen into the tastiest prosepoem since the last tasty prosepoem.

Fever on me. Goodbye.

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