Saturday, 11 September 2010

Birthday went well

Our birthday on the 9th went OK. We don't have the same network of chums here to invite so we can celebrate and pamper and be pampered. We did get cards through the letterbox.

We also took ourselves to Welwyn Garden City - in particular to Thornton's - for a double scoop tub of ice-cream. Very scrummy.

In the evening we got two phone-calls from foreign lands. On from New Zealand and one from the USA. From New Zealand it was Alan and Glenda. From Montana, North America it was our young, former neighbours in New Zealand.


Glenda said...

Glad your combined birthday was good, with icecream!

Me said...

Your description of Montanans sounds delightful. One can only assume one of them was exceedingly handsome! ;-)

Twas lovely to chat with you again, and we're thrilled that you had a lovely birthday.