Monday, 26 May 2008

Daily basis

I'm really trying for a daily basis.
Things I got in the post today:
two Live CDs from Canonical
1 x Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop Edition
1 x Kubuntu 8.04

I fired up the Ubuntu Live CD when I got back from town. I see there is now an option to install and run from within a Microsoft Windows environment. Well that took me back a bit, for the very first Linux disk I ever got was called WinLinux 2000 and it ran from inside your Windows Partition. Later on when I became more familiar with Linux distributions and installed them on their own partitions I found out that the WinLinux 2000 method of running from within Windows was called UMSDOS

Oh, I likes a bit of nostalgia.

Currently on its own partition I have PCLinuxOS MiniMe 2008: a cut down version of the 2007 release. It has been a challenge installing all the bits and pieces to get it working just the way I like it. I know when Texstar and the Ripper Gang release the next big live cd of PCLinuxOS I'll be there with my ext formatted partition at the ready.

Must away and watch a DVD. No, I don't know which one yet. I'll tell you tomorrow.

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