Friday, 13 June 2008

Heels on fire

I decided after reading the current literature on painful heels that I had better see the doc post haste. I set off on my bicycle after lunch and fell off at the start of the cycleway from Ravensbourne to town. I gave myself about a minute for all the serious aches and pains to begin after the anaesthetising effect of shock before continuing on my way. None of them warranted much attention.

There's your irony again says I. Here you are on the way to the surgery and here you are compounding your injuries. When I got to the doctor's I couldn't get an appointment until Monday. I also discovered I hadn't brought the bike's security lock so I didn't want to hang around town although I would have liked to get a cup of coffee and a chocolate muffin to help recovery.

Now I'm home I find strained areas of my body and the cuts and bruises on my left hand make me look like a southpaw bareknuckle fighter.

Other than that it has been a lovely day. Very photographable if one had taken a camera out.

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