Thursday, 5 June 2008

Shopping day

Thursday is shopping day. We go shopping on Thursday.
Today we went to town by bus.
It is cold.
I am cold.
He is cold.
She is cold.
All are cold.
Where are the quick?

I still see the baffled and oblivious wearing their shorts and jandals. Something seriously wrong with the educational system here in Dunedin, perhaps all of New Zealand. It is just not turning out thinkers. People who are able to listen to the weather forecast, read a thermometer or even pick up clues from the dress sense of others.

Dear children,
You do not live in a temperate climate. Whatever Miss Merboyles or Mr Chips told you, you do not live in a temperate climate. Outside of your family home, outside of the family car is a bizarre world of temperature fluctuations. If it is cold - that's when you shiver, blow your nail and have a drip from your nose - put on some warm clothes! OK? You'll thank me for it. You will.

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