Saturday, 21 June 2008

What's wrong with me, what's wrong with ...?

I woke up this morning and wondered what was wrong with me. The writhing gut pains of yesterday had disappeared and I felt almost human again. My thanks to all of you who wrote in and expressed concern. I will be fully functional again in no time at all at this rate of going.

Market was cold this morning but once again the crowds have thinned and it is a pleasure to stroll unimpeded by the mobbe. One can always use elbows (sharp weapons!) or casually swing a stout hessian bag filled with potatoes at kneecap height - both methods are useful for making one's way through the common presse.

Its good to be home. We are moving soon. More on that later.

An acronym can be a a TLA, but a TLA is not always an acronym. ram and faq leap out as examples. ram is ram but faq is eff-ay-cue

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