Sunday, 8 June 2008

What snow?

Yesterday's visit to The Oatago Farmers' Market in Dundedin was a test of endurance. I had to eat a triple fudge brownie from one of the stalls before I was right. There were few people which is good. It was cloudy, this is also good. When it is cloudy you can walk from one end of the market to the other without being blinded by the winter sun. It was perishing cold. Great storms were forecast by Metservice and we were anxious to be home. Snow was forecast as well - I was quite looking forward with pleasure to a dumping of snow.

We had arranged to look at a new flat in the afternoon and were fearful of driving in the high winds and predicted dumping of snow. I fall for it every time. I think, or I am being slowly persuaded, that there is an alternative Dunedin and Otago peninsula in Metservice New Zealand's Weather Charts. The quickest and most reliable way to find out what to wear is stand outside for a minute or so. But no I still listen mesmerised by the Metservice's short work of fiction and often arrive at a destination fainting from heat exhaustion when dressed for forty below or whatever nonsensical figure that pops into their heads during the forecasts. Now how you going to tell me that climate change, global warming effects et al can be so reliably predicted when the forecast can barely get close to the next twenty four hours? Governments treat all such predictions as genuine science - egged on by a completely science illiterate population trained over the last twenty-five years or so by ecology students and greens. Once these people pooh-poohed science and now they are quick to rope in the nearest 'scientist' to firm up their claims.

The sole form of heating in our house provided by the owner is a heat pump. Now whatever background a heat pump has as a technological marvel - as in 'the manufacturer speaks very highly of it' it is not at providing comfortable warmth at an affordable price. Neither P and I can stand the dry warm air wafting at us. We had a Swiss girl board with us for a week. By the end of the week she had found herself other accommodation with a heat source that produced heat - to wit, a woodburning stove. We are about to follow suit.

I come from a very cold place (Northern Ireland) - I also was taught that I lived in a temperate climate (see post below) - and as a result suffer from cold related symptoms that have cropped up as the years went by. That was my warning to young people below - you will suffer later in life, just as life gets interesting in middle age you have to work harder to enjoy it through the gritted teeth of arthritic pains and the gasping of a severely compromised cardio-pulmonary system.

No more to be said. Trust your common sense. Cold weather equals warm clothing. Tee shirts, shorts and jandals equal idiocy and death.

And before the Greens and environment watchers destroy us completely with unmitigated propaganda - please, pretty please could you, would you, learn to think like a scientist?

I'll post some helpful hints tomorrow.

My winter hands are frozen.

No snow to play in. Bah, humbug!

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