Friday, 6 June 2008

Spoonbills come back

I am convinced by the evidence that the spoonbills have gone. When the tide has gone out and exposed the crescent of sand those whiter than white (the adverts worked Messrs Persil, Tide, Fab et al.) birds are absent. If there was such a thing as a soul washed clean from sin then the plumage of those birds would surely be the example in this world. Pity about the beaks, but then an indifferent agency with no reference to sin, salvation or redemption grew that subtle design.

I miss them. One evening in summer we counted fourteen in our tiny inlet. We counted them gliding in, feeding and flying away. I'm told they don't go far away from where we are in winter but it is too far for us.

Come back Spoonbills.

Watched Pierrepoint yesterday evening. No review. Just enjoy Timothy Spall and Juliet Stevenson.

Big gales a coming, bah. It has been a stunning 14.9 Celsius here this morning. Almost put my shorts on.

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