Monday, 23 June 2008

Writhing returns

So it goes. A short break from non-writhing to writhing. I've been writhing again and thinking of when ... (apologies to Jeff Beck).

P says to me on Saturday night: There seems to be a lot of traffic heading into town this evening.

Probably some sort of match on I tell her. I haven't actually heard any traffic over the noise of our stupid heat pump but she hears things that I don't.

On Sunday I discovered that Dunedin had its mid-winter festival the previous evening. And a good time was had by all I expect.

We got married in Greymouth on the 21st June 2002 - to have an easy date to remember as P puts it. We have a calendar for all the other dates of anniversaries of deaths, marriages and birthdays. I don't know where it hangs. I'm not really all that interested in marking events.

I don't remember when I gave up smoking for example. My reasoning being that I don't have to treat the ending of unhealthy habituation as another marker on the way to the tomb.

I do feel a twinge of something at the turning of the world again towards the light. I love autumn and the approach of dark evenings. Something comforting about pulling the curtains early and snuggling up to a roaring heat pump with a bowl of winter broth. Not too much liquid though as the trip to the dunny (gosh, very posh) is unpleasantly cold. Not as cold as it was in the house before the last one. Outside toilet!!! Wow! Should have had it crated up and shipped over to the museum in Oamaru.

Where was I? Oh that's right - dark nights and early burrowings. Autumn, winter, gimme, gimme. Keep summer and the stupid fiddling with the clock. What effect does political interference have on climate change by introducing daylight saving?

Spring's OK. Snowdrops, do you see? They'll be here soon.

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